How to Install Android Studio on Windows

How to Install Android Studio on Windows

Android is a mobile-based programming that is very popular in the world today. Many technology users move to Android because of its ease of use and open source program code. Therefore, as the world of technology develops, many programmers move to Android and compete to develop it.

Download the Android Studio Application

Before we start making a mobile-based application we must know in advance what application is used to create the program. The application is Android Studio. This application is highly recommended by Google because of its excellent features and coding process for developing highly compatible programs.

To download this application you can download it on the official site on the Android Developer. or you can directly download it via this link. Click here.

Install Android Studio

After you download the Android Studio application via the link above. Next, please click 2x the application that was downloaded earlier and then stay next to it. For the tutorial the picture can be seen below.

After you get to the last part of the image, please check the Start Android Studio text if you want to immediately run the application, and remove the check if you don't want to immediately run the application. Oh yeah, if there is an error when the application starts, there is usually an error because your Java JDK has not been installed or your JDK version is still an old version, the solution please update your Java JDK and JRE so that your Android Studio can run maximally.

This is the tutorial on How to Install Android Studio on Windows. If there is an error in writing I apologize, and if there are questions please comment below, God willing, I will answer as much as possible. Don't forget to share this article to be more useful. thanks.

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